New website and first status!


New website and first status!

Hi all!

We recently launched our new website. Here, you can follow the development of our projects and builds, and we will make sure to include you in the daily workings of Danish Student Association for Rocketry (danSTAR). Currently, we are developing two siderunning projects: Fenrir and Mjølnir. More on that later.

To get to a point where we can build the rockets, the entire infrastructure behind the actual rocket engine needs to be in order. That is, fluids, ground station and electronics all need to be developed before we are going to get anywhere. Starting in this autumn, we plan on starting the building of an engine for demonstration purposes. Alumeco A/S has agreed to supply us with aluminium for construction, while a subsidary of theirs will supply us with copper. We are excited to get started!

All we need now is a container - give us a call if you have one lying around!

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