About Us


DanSTAR was founded on October 5th in 2016 by Lukas Spanier, a German exchange student from Munich who had been involved in the Munich rocket association WARR. At the first meeting, more than 80 people showed up, and amongst the chaos, DanSTAR emerged.

Unfortunately, it was a bit of a rough start. There were a lot of people with all kinds of different interests, ideas and goals, and though attempts were made to productively manage and delegate the work, after a few months, most of the initial group was gone without a ton of progress having been made. Some sponsorship deals had been made, and some drafts had been designed for various rocket systems, but most of the work was still ahead. On top of this, Lukas returned to Germany. With few dedicated members left, the future was not bright for DanSTAR.

After a few months in a sort of hibernation, eventually, things started taking off again. A new board was elected, and a heavy focus was put on ensuring that actual progress was being made. The entire working structure was reorganized, and working groups were made for various tasks, both with regards to technical development such as developing the engines, but a heavy focus was also put on external and public relations to increase the awareness of DanSTAR and provide better opportunities for sponsorship and outside help.

With a bunch of ambitious deadlines suddenly in place, the remaining team got to work. The focus was on making decisions and pushing the project forward, and in just a few months, the demo engine was re-designed and reviewed by a multitude of external advisors. The test stand was designed and developed, along with the control systems. Several new sponsors were found, and production of actual parts finally started in the spring of 2018.

During the summer, the test stand and demo engine projects progressed quickly, and on the 8th of September of 2018, DanSTAR conducted it's first successful rocket engine firing.

With the newfound traction, DanSTAR once again seems to be on a good path. Please follow us as we move closer to our goal of competing in the Spaceport America Cup.


DanSTAR currently has 20+ members, from both Technical University of Denmark (DTU) and Maskinmesterskolen København (MSK). Majority of our members study Earth and Space, Physics and Engineering. The remaining come from different areas such as Networking and IT, Mechanical Engineering,  Electrical Engineering and many more. Furthermore, we have advisors from our strong partnerships with Copenhagen Suborbitals and Skylab, who are doing their best to guide us and share their expertise with us.

We are always looking for new members, so if you want to be a DanSTAR member, head out to our application page.

Vision statement

Our vision is to ignite and promote the interest in rocket science and engineering for students by uniting them across the various institutes at DTU campus and other institutions, where the development of knowledge, expertise, skill and competence is at the core of creating the best engineering graduates for the future of Denmark.

Mission statement

The mission of the organisation is:

  • To promote science and research within:
    – Rocket technology
    – Propulsion technology
    – Space technology
    – Aerospace technology
    – Robotics
    – Information- and communication technology
    – Machine Technology
    – Materials Science
  • To communicate and inspire the next generation of engineering students