Feel free to apply to join DanSTAR - we're always looking for additions to the team. Please answer the following questions in either Danish or English:

  • Who are you, and what experience do you have?
  • Why are you applying to DanSTAR?
  • What does your contribution to DanSTAR look like in the next 6 months?

There's always a ton of stuff going on in DanSTAR - fundraising, rocket development, physical and digital infrastructure, external communication and more. The primary thing we look for is people who don't get stuck thinking and analyzing, but who are able to execute and make decisions. If you're afraid of picking up the phone or of having something you made fail, DanSTAR is probably not for you. When you write a paper for a class, you can explain all your problems away - here, you need to solve them quickly and efficiently.

All fields are compulsory