In order to apply for DanSTAR, we would like to know more about you. We want you answer these following questions, by either writing inside the text field or uploading a file (if you choose to upload a file, just write "read uploaded file" in the text field).

  • Briefly describe yourself
  • What are your interests within rocketry?
  • In what areas do you want to contribute to DanSTAR?
  • How you think you can make a difference?

As a part of DanSTAR you are required to assign to at least one project or one of the groups concerning constant tasks - you are allowed to join several groups and projects, but just remember that you should be able to actively participate in the all of groups you choose to join. You do however still decide how much time you want to spend in DanSTAR. We would like you to carefully read through the list of groups and projects below, and figure out what you wanna work with at DanSTAR.  Events regarding the different projects and groups can be found in the calendar in Zoho Connect (You will be invited to it once we have received your application). Whenever an event is created we would like you to declare whether or not you can show up. Below you can read more about the projects and constant tasks.

Project terrestial

Demo engine - Project Manager: Rasmus Arnt Pedersen
DanSTAR is currently developing a demo rocket engine to test our test stand and the systems behind it, in order for us to get a feel for engine testing. This will allow us to gain the knowledge needed to construct more advanced rocket engines, which in turn allows us to build our desired rockets. In this project you can expect to encounter tasks including: - Thermodynamics - Material Science - CAD modelling - Production Technology - Fluid Dynamics

Test stand - Project Manager: Magnus Madsen
The engines we are going to build will be mounted on a test stand that is bolted inside a 20 feet container. The test stand will be made out of structural steel, modular in design, forklift ready, and capable of withstanding a force of 2500 N or around 255 kg with a lofty safety factor. In this project you can expect to encounter tasks including: - Strength of Materials - Fluid Dynamics - CAD modelling - Production Technology - Electrical Engineering NB: It is important for you to know that this project is currently on hold until we find a person willing to be the Project Manager.

Constant tasks

Public Relations - is the group responsible for making sure everyone knows who DanSTAR is. In order for that to happen, Public Relations will be in charge of social media, to convey what is happening to the general population. The group will also be in charge of DanSTAR promoting events to raise awareness both at DTU and MSK (Maskinmesterskolen). Furthermore the group will also be in charge of recruiting new members and introducing them to DanSTAR and how our structure is built up. In this group you can expect to encounter: - Planning and being in charge of events - Being charge of promoting DanSTAR social media - Recruit and introduce new members

External Relations - is the group concerning sponsers, funding etc. This group will reach out to different relevant companies and ask for sponsorship or funding and host meetings with the companies. Furthermore a register of active sponsors needs to be created to give our selves a better overview. Sponsor contracts also need to be developed. This group will also be responsible for maintaining the relationship with our relationship with the sponsors and keeping them updated about what is happening in DanSTAR. In this group you can expect to encounter: - Getting to know companies - Researching - Writing contracts - Applying for grants and funding

IT & Infrastructure - At DanSTAR we have our own website, file server (VPS), communication services (Zoho Mail and Zoho Connect) etc., that all need to be maintained and kept up to date to ensure everything is running smoothly. That is what this group will be in charge of. In this group you can expect to encounter: - Maintenance of our online services - Setup of user accounts


Electronics group - Since all of our electronics have to communicate together and in the end be run from a single program, we have decided to make this group, despite the fact that each project contains electronic aspects. This group will be in charge of making sure all of the electronic things are working correctly. Since this groups develops electronics for all the project this group will be very broad and you can expect to get to know the basics of each of the projects. In this group you can expect to encounter: - Development of programs - Putting together the physical electronics


We know it's boring to read legal documents and rules, but please read them here and here. It will only take a few minutes, and it will give you a much greater understanding of DanSTAR as an association and community.

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