Here you can see all the important documents, it is advised that you read the bylaws and specially the "Designing a thrust chamber" report - it is good for beginners to rocketry.

As of the date 30 November 2017, DanSTAR's bylaws has been changed through an extraordinary general assembly with a valid quorum . There are two files: first in Danish, the last one is in english. Should there be any discrepancies between the English and Danish documents, the Danish document Vedtægter for DanSTAR will apply. Furthermore DanSTAR has made a so called Code of Conduct. Please read both the bylaws and Code of Conduct, to understand our rules.  

Administrative notes

Bylaws (newest version - valid) - 06.December.2018
Bylaws of DanSTAR (English version)
Vedtægter for DanSTAR (Danish version)