N2O Cooler


DanSTAR is developing and building a nitrous oxide cooler. All of our engines use or will use nitrous oxide (N2O) as the oxidizer. In order to bring it to a liquid state, it needs to be cooled and pressurized, furthermore we need to achieve a high volume of production, meaning that the cooling has to happen fairly quickly to keep up a decent flow of oxidizer when preparing for a static hot fire. Since all of the future rockets will use N2O, this cooler will need to last for a long time and be capable of reliably provide adequate amounts of oxidizer to fill up large tanks quickly, for future larger engines that will be fired for longer periods of time.

Failure to provide liquefied oxidizer would render the engine useless, that is why the cooler is the heart of the static hot fire tests and eventually the launch of our rockets.  It's very important to be able to rely on the cooler and to have systems to monitor it's operation to ensure that it's living up to the requirements specification stated by DanSTAR..

Technical overview

  • Coolant: Propylene (R1270)
  • Input: Nitrous oxide gas at 273K and 200 bars of pressure
  • Output: Liquid nitrous oxide at below 233K and at about 30 bars of pressure.
  • Oxidizer flow: 0,067 kg/s
  • Coefficient of performance, 55 degrees ambient: 0,84
  • Cooling capacity12,3 kW