SAC Rocket


The primary goal in DanSTAR is building the flight rocket for SpacePort America cup, with the aim of competing in the summer of 2019.

The rocket must reach an altitude of 9 kilometers as precisely as possible. We aim to do this by using our custom-developed 3.1 kN rocket engine in our rocket with a dry weight of 60 kg, burning on full thrust for 13 seconds. This puts us right below the allowed amount of impulse, and gives us a clear target to work towards.

The rocket will be approximately 3.5 meters long, and carry 18 kg of propellant - nitrous oxide and isopropyl alcohol like our demonstration engine. Using our experience in developing, assembling and operating the test stand, and with the huge amount of support from our network of sponsors and partners, the approximately 8-month timeline seems fairly feasible.

The rocket engine will be regeneratively cooled, with fairly complex geometries made possible by our cooperation with The Danish Technological Institute and their 3d printing capabilities in aluminium and titanium. The chamber pressure will be 20 bars, and the massflow will be approximately 1.5 kg/s in total with a oxidizer/fuel ratio of 4:1.