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We are currently running three projects: the Demo Engine, Test stand and N2O cooler

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A new generation of student rocketeers

Danish Student Association for Rocketry is the first student association in Denmark designing, developing and testing its own rocket and rocket engines. We consist of +25 dedicated student members spanning across Technical University of Denmark (DTU) to Maskinmesterskolen København (MSK). We have students studying both bachelor and master engineering in different fields, such as; Space, Electrical, Mechanical, Production and Design, Networktechnology and IT, Software and Biotechnology.

Our purpose is to ignite and promote the interest of rocket science and engineering for graduates and thereby create a tighter bond between the students and the industry. Our goal is to build a scalable, high speed, sounding rocket and with it to enter the Spaceport America Cup competition in USA, New mexico.

We have a close collaboration with serval companies and other association, such as: SwagelokAlumeco, Metalcenter Group, Sanistål, Air liquide, DTU Skylab, Polyteknisk Forening, Dansk Selskab for Rumfartsforskning and lastly Copenhagen Suborbitals. We are always looking for new sponsors and partners who wants to further speed and support our purpose and goal - contact us here.

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