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DanSTAR is a European student rocketry club actively launching and working with all aspects of bi-liquid rockets.

We are fueled purely by strong student initiatives, with members from several DTU institutes and neighbouring universities.

European Rocketry Challenge

European rocketry challenge is a yearly competition held in Ponte de Sor, Portugal during fall
Here, universities from all over Europe compete against each other in different categories to accurately fly to a specific altitude.
DanSTAR is competing in the 30.000 ft bi-liquid category, the by far most challenging category.


The DanSTAR team is a tightly knit interdisciplinary community where everyone contributes.
We learn by doing and with members from all stages of their education, the possibilities for experience sharing are immense.
We work in four main areas; mechanical, electrical, software, and marketing.


Project Fornax is the third bi-liquid rocket built by DanSTAR. Everything in the rocket is either carefully selected or developed in-house to best solve the technical issues. Our goal with the Fornax rocket is to reach 9,000 m apogee in this year’s version of Euroc which would improve our previous world record of 6,545.2 m apogee.


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Diplomvej, bygning 373A, 2800 Kgs. Lyngby

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Fysikvej Bygning 311 2800 Kgs. Lyngby


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